This blog is more like a diary for me. At least that's the goal here. I've been sad that I haven't been keeping a journal or diary since meeting my wonderful husband. I wanted to have something to always look back and see how our life together began. Then there were more and more things happening and I decided that starting up a blog to document everything would be perfect. I tend to be an open book in general, so you'll probably find you're getting way more information than you need. But that's why this is MY blog, right? I get to decide what to write, you get to decide what to read. I hope you find some entertainment, if nothing else, from reading about my journey through life.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Nursery Ideas

Ed and I are taking a trip to Ikea over the weekend and I'm seriously considering getting some bedding and accessories from there. Not sure if I've mentioned it on here or not, but we're staying in our one bedroom apartment for a few months after the baby is born, so we're going to have to turn a portion of our bedroom into the nursery. When we were first talked about this, I was adamant that NO WAY would this be ok. Now that my job is coming to an end, we really don't want to get into a sticky situation financially, by taking on more monthly bills when my income is so up in the air. I've come to terms with this decision, and realize we really don't have much choice in the matter for now. We currently have blue walls with white trim, so here is what I'm thinking...

For the bed sheet in the bassinet, this:

And the skirt that goes to the floor from the bottom of the bassinet: (the first textile, top left)

If this all seems too loud, I got a good suggestion from a friend to just use a solid color for the skirt...Not sure why I hadn't thought of it, but it does go all the way down to the floor so it may need to be solid - not so loud.
I think I may have mentioned that I bought a used bassinet on craigslist. It's the white wicker bassinet from Pottery Barn. I'm thinking a white changing table, too, but we haven't bought that yet.

These will be the boxes on the open shelves under the changing table:

And then this will be the hamper for the baby's clothes:

It's not too too girlie, but there's still some pink in the design so it's not boyish either. And it'll go with our blue and white decor. I may have to get some solid throw pillows for our bed. Our bedding is all white, which is nice. I'm excited!!! What do you think?????


  1. Dig it, and I agree with a solid bedskirt rather than the pattern. I'd pick the lime green color, then I'd get red and lime green throw pillows for your bed.

  2. Oooooooooooh! Fun! I'm so excited! Thanks for the input. Don't be surprised if that's JUST what we have going on when you see the finished product of our nursery/master bedroom!

  3. i love the bright fun colors! very cute. if you do decide to do a soild, could you make a pillow from the busier fabric? i think ikea sells fabric too.

    and thanks for your comment on my blog!!

  4. Don't buy this yourself. Register for it or ask for gift cards for it!! Never buy for the baby before you have your shower. It is adorable but wait for it!!